Ovens and Autoclaves

Thanks to continuous investment, our dedicated in-house facilities include:

• Ø1500mm x 4000mm manufacturing autoclave, reaching up to 8bar with an operating temperature of 150°C
• Ø500mm x 1000mm small component manufacture & prototyping autoclave, reaching up to 8bar with an operating temperature of 150°C
• 9000mm x 5000mm x 2000mm oven, operating temperature 120°C
• 2200mm x 1250mm x 1200mm oven, operating temperature 200°C
• 6000mm x 6000mm x 3000mm oven, operating temperature 110°C
• 7000mm x 4000mm x 2000mm oven, operating temperature 200°C

These facilities enable us to produce components using a variety of manufacturing techniques, including resin infusion, OOA (Out-of-autoclave) pre-preg, and autoclaved pre-preg. We use data loggers to record each cure, allowing us to offer full traceability where required.

Autoclaves are used to apply consistent and predictable pressure during the curing stage of pre-preg manufacturing, enabling us to reliably and repeatedly produce quality components. Consolidation under pressure reduces porosity and voidage, resulting in lighter, stronger and more accurate parts. In our dedicated pre-preg facility, components which are too large to feasibly cure in an autoclave are manufactured using out-of-autoclave pre-preg. This retains many of the benefits of autoclaved pre-preg, producing a high-quality, lightweight part, whilst allowing for facilitating the production of very large structures.

For the largest of components, we have previously extended our ovens up to an additional 12m, in order to produce a part with a total length of 18m. 

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