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Our dedicated small components division specialises in manufacturing high-quality pre-preg composite components. It was formed in 2016 following the acquisition of C&B Composites, a company with a 25 year heritage of supplying bespoke and small batch composite solutions to a variety of industries. Now fully integrated into the Norco group, the skills and knowledge introduced by this team formed the foundation of our new specialist autoclaved composites facility.
We use an autoclave to apply consistent and predictable pressure during the curing process, enabling us to reliably and repeatedly produce quality components. Consolidation under pressure reduces porosity and voidage, resulting in lighter, stronger and more accurate parts. For higher quantities, producing our own composite tooling enables us to provide a greater surface finish over the lifetime of the project. Our experience includes highly specialised applications, including EMI shielding, X-ray invisibility, and extreme weight reduction.
Following a period of investment, our dedicated in-house facilities include:
  • Ø1500mm x 4000mm manufacturing autoclave
  • Ø500mm x 1000mm small component manufacture & prototyping autoclave
  • Environmentally controlled laminating room
  • Fully equipped trimming and finishing department
  • 4-axis CNC component machining
  • Clear-coat lacquering and painting to specification
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