C6(n) came to Norco with a challenge. They had designed a self supporting carbon fibre structure where no individual part exceeded 50kgs in weight and needed a builder to produce a working prototype and then develop it for series production.

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C6n exhibition stand construction

The floor panels consist of Trapezoidal deck panels made from carbon fibre prepreg with a honeycomb core to optimise the strength to weight. Handrail panels are a hybrid of carbon fibre & E-glass and are infused in a single shot process on our glass table using degassed resin which results in a superb carbon fibre finish which exudes a luxury feel for guests enjoying the views at whatever event the structure is displayed at.

Patented for its unique modularity it can be assembled to almost any design and engineered to take as many guests as you can comfortably take. Norco adapted the structure for their multi storey exhibition stand at the 2011 composites show at the NEC proving that it can be assembled to suit any space. No lifting equipment was required and the stand took less than 4 hours to build. Structural engineering & laminates were done by composite engineering firm ASTA who continues to work with C6(n) in developing their evolving structure.

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