Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes have become a core target market of Norco Composites. The need for large structures with surface accuracies of 0.25mm RMS or better poses a significant engineering challenge on a finished composite structure.

CGC Satellite Dish
Folding Satellite Dish At Norco
Measurement Of Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish Verification

Norco has spent a number of years in R&D to develop large and highly accurate tooling methods. This is critical to ensure the finished parts achieve the accuracies required. Norco has also pioneered in-mould surfacing solutions to improve reflectivity at frequencies above 8GHz.

The size of dishes Norco has produced ranges from small portable systems that fold up to very large multi-part dishes operating at KU-Band, KA-Band, X-Band and S-Band.


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