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Boatbuilding has been a core activity within Norco since its inception. Norco have also worked with numerous classification societies to ensure vessels meet regulatory requirements.

Bridge Test Image
Marine Cnc Pattern Cuttingv2
Williams Cad Model Renderv21
Oyster Hull Apr 2015 6 Copy Min
Oyster 11 Min
Oyster 745 Released From Mould Min

With the limit in size being only what can be transported by road, Norco were approached by Oyster Yachts to build their flagship 745 model. At 74.5ft (22.74m) with a 5.91m beam this was right on the upper limit to the physical size transportable by road. Norco produced all hulls and decks at the GRP site by a mixture of hand layup and vacuum bagging. Small mouldings for the internal structures were produced by resin infusion to reduce weight.

Please visit our customers website Oyster Yachts to see more details of the finished boat.


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