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Norco provides equine spa manufacturer ECB with a complete manufacturing solution. The contract sees Norco manufacture and ‘fit out’ three equine spas per month – a process that includes taking responsibility for all plumbing, electrical installation, water testing and the complete supply and fitting of a full stainless kit. Norco also quality checks and supplies a certificate of compliance package and ships the units direct to end users all over the world.

ECB Horse Spa Min
Equine Therapy, ECB Spa 2
Equine Therapy, ECB Spa 3
Equine Therapy, ECB Spa video

Norco first began manufacturing equine spas for ECB in 2003 and has helped the company develop the product ever since. The most recent improvement to the unit has been the introduction of visibility panels in a toughened plastic which can withstand the most forceful kick! It also aids the operator and adds to the general relaxation of the horse while it is under treatment.

“The expansion of the contract allows us to add real value to ECB’s business by providing them with a fully-functional product that they can confidently deliver direct to their customers, it also means that ECB have more time to concentrate their valuable time on sales, as they are not chasing suppliers and materials” says Norco Managing Director Mark Northey. “We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with ECB in the years ahead.”

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